The Perfect Storm

This article is from Alfie for America

May 16, 2022

The catastrophe we are now facing with food inflation and the destruction of the American farmer have NOTHING to do with global warming, migrant labor or any other fallacious liberal talking points. This catastrophe is a direct result of the failed and likely intentional policies of the Biden Administration in concert with massive manipulation from companies such as Black Rock, State Street and Vanguard who now control the boards of the majority of publicly traded companies in our country … massively manipulating input costs for American farms and food prices for our consumers. Heavily influenced and funded by globalist elites. These companies along with their political accomplices on both sides of the aisle are fleecing the American people and destroying our Republic and free enterprise system while laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Chicken is up 80% but the chicken farmers are not getting more money.
  • Eggs are up 120% but the Egg farmers are not getting more money.
  • Beef is up 47% but the cattle farmers are not getting more money.

Input cost to grow vegetable crops are up over 45% however we are not able to charge more for product because of Mexico dumping massive amounts of fresh produce into the United States far below their growing costs in a very successful effort to transport massive amounts of fentanyl and narcotics across the border into our country.

This is a perfect storm… but not by chance!

This perfect storm has been masterfully designed by the architects of the one world globalist agenda, executed by the bribed and blackmailed puppets on both sides of the aisle along with the corrupt heads of our government agencies.

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